Sarah Parra's Flamenco Dance Classes

     Sarah Parra has been teaching in Long Beach for over 10 years. Her mission has been to create a community of well trained and educated Flamenco dancers.
     Her teaching focuses on a number of things such as  the dance  technique, the structure of Flamenco dances, performance techniques, strength and endurance for the dancer, the understanding of cante , improvisation, creating one's own style, palmas, and castanets.
     Classes are held  Tues, Thursdays, and Saturdays in Long Beach at the McDowell School of Dance (324 Redondo Ave) .     
Students that dance with Sarah enjoy  numerous opportunities that allow them to and develop and explore their talents . Students have performed at Sacred Grounds in San Pedro, the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana , Tapas in Newport Beach,  and Alegria in Long Beach . Her goal has been to share Flamenco with as many people as possible to create a larger audience and a deeper understanding of the art of Flamenco.

        Beginning Technique                  7:30-8:30pm
        Advanced Choreography and     
             Technique ( Tarantos, Solea
                   por Bulerias, Siguiriya)
Thursdays :
        Intermediate Technique             
7:30- 8:30pm
Intermediate Choreography        8:30- 9:45pm
(Solea por Bulerias)
        Intermediate Choreography       
10:00- 11:00am
        Intermediate Technique             
Beginning Technique and           12:30pm-1:30pm

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